Benefits of following a religion having multiple gods

In crowded Cities like Mumbai if you are travelling to a new place like Dharavi or Vikhroli, and your monthly(28 days according to telephone companies) internet pack has ended or you are out of network or you are given some directions to reach a location…which do happen. Hindu Gods helps you for sure.

Lets say there’s a locality where there are 4 mosques, 4 church, and 4 temples. So if your friend calls you near a mosque..which mosque bro..Small ones , Big ones, near a sweet shop… You are doomed. No one can help you.Even locals can’t direct you correctly.

And i f your friend calls you near a Church..same question..Near by a Garage or something? Roam around and go back home or visit the nearest church, light a candle and pray for your luck to change.

But if your friend calls you near a Temple..Now he can be specific …which ones..BHOLE NATH Temple or Vishnu Ji’s temple or Ganesh Ji’s Temple.

May be at some point of time Temples were created to give direction(right path and mindset too) to the people or a place to stay where they could rest safely. Who Knows…